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Welcome 2013! BDS Victories so far and more to come!

We would like to welcome our followers to 2013 with this wonderful roundup of BDS victories around the world in 2012, by Electronic Intifada. There are numerous entries. Many people laugh these victories off as too [...]

Another Victory for BDS in South Africa!

The African National Congress threw its weight behind the Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions movement this week, when it formally endorsed a resolution calling on its members to support measures amongst pro-Palestinian civil society to bring the [...]

Appeal for YOUR Support: Boycott Israeli Apartheid NOW!

Friends, Israel’s recent actions confirm that it is anything but committed to lasting peace with Palestine. The Netanyahu government, as punishment against Palestinians for daring to seek and win upgraded status at the UN, authorized the [...]

OSS Latest Submission on Settlement Goods Labeling

Open Shuhada Street submitted an updated submission in response a call for public comment on Notice 832 of 2012, issued by the South African Department of Trade and Industry. The Notice of intention to enforce proper [...]

Open letter to SA Zionist Federation: Why are you supporting occupation?

Below is a letter written two years ago regarding the Ahava Boycott. In these times we feel its all the more relevant.   We are members of Open Shuhada Street (OSS) an organisation committed to peace [...]

Pillage of the Dead Sea

A report by Al-Haq on Israels pillaging of resources of the Dead Sea. To download (.pdf): Pillage of the Dead Sea [...]

SA Zionist Federation, SDV Pharmaceuticals v DTI Court Papers

SDV Pharmaceuticals and the South African Zionist Federation (the applicants) have taken the Minister of Trade and Industry to the North Gauteng High Court (full papers can be accessed here) over the DTIs intention to issue [...]

Breaking the Silence: Children and Youth Soldiers Testimonies 2005-2011

Breaking the Silence, an organisation of Israeli veterans who served during the Second Intifada in 2000, has released a booklet  of soldier testimonies of the everyday life routine in the OPT Israels backyard. The testimonies [...]

IFPs attack on Minister Davies is baseless BDS SA

BDS South Africas national Coordinate, Muhammed Desai, and national office bearer and the International Relations Secretary of the SA Communist Party, Chris Matlhako, comprehensively dismantle the IFPs argument against Minister Rob Davies relabeling notice. In an article published in [...]