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Welcome 2013! BDS Victories so far and more to come!

We would like to welcome our followers to 2013 with this wonderful roundup of BDS victories around the world in 2012, by Electronic Intifada. There are numerous entries. Many people laugh these victories off as too [...]

Hunger Strikers in critical condition as they protest Administrative Detention

While most Palestinian political prisoners ended their strikes on the 14th of May, many of them had their detention sentences renewed soon prompting a renewed strike on the 21st. One of the three long-term striker Samer Barq is [...]

Hunger strikes: A crucial victory for Palestinian resistance

On the 15th of May we remembered Nakba day, the day roughly 700,000 Palestinians were expelled or fled, and hundreds of Palestinian villages were depopulated and destroyed following the Israeli declaration of independence. The build up [...]

DTI Product Labelling Campaign News Round Up 28 May 2012 2 June 2012

Tension began mounting between Israel and South Africa when Western Cape Agriculture MEC cancelled his trip to Israel a few weeks ago. The MEC was told by the National Department of International Relations and Co-Operation that [...]

DTI/Product Labeling Campaign News Update: 17 June 12 4 July 12

Africans for Israel protest march The ACDP, IFP and the South African Zionist Federation organised a march on Thursday 28 June 2012. The organizations marched against Trade and Industry Minister, Dr. Rob Davies’ notice, which requires [...]