: ' housing demolitions'

Welcome 2013! BDS Victories so far and more to come!

We would like to welcome our followers to 2013 with this wonderful roundup of BDS victories around the world in 2012, by Electronic Intifada. There are numerous entries. Many people laugh these victories off as too [...]

‘I Am an Illegal Alien on My Own Land’

David Shulman writes a fantastic piece on Susya, a small Palestinian village in West Bank and the subsequent challenges the people battle with in the face of an aggressive occupying power. He also touches on some atrocities carried [...]

COSATU condemns South African Zionist Federation’s abuse of blacks under religious guise to legitimise apartheid in Israel

COSATU released a statement this morning condemning the march being hosted by the ACDP, IFP and SAZF. By marching against the proper labeling of products made in the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, [...]

“It is my right to go outside, to see the sun, like all people”

These are the words of Mahmoud El-Hamamda, a resident of the small village of al-Mufaqarah. The village is located in the Southern Hebron hills at the tip of the Occupied West Bank.  Mahmoud El-Hamamda, like the [...]