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Israels Harsh Logic in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

On Monday 19 August 2013, Open Shuhada Street hosted a talk with Yehuda Shaul from Breaking the Silence about their latest book Our Harsh Logic: Israeli Soldiers’ Testimonies from the Occupied Territories: 2000 – 2010. [...]

Welcome 2013! BDS Victories so far and more to come!

We would like to welcome our followers to 2013 with this wonderful roundup of BDS victories around the world in 2012, by Electronic Intifada. There are numerous entries. Many people laugh these victories off as too [...]

DTI Issues New Improved Notice

The Department of Trade and Industry has issued a new and improved notice of intention to enforce proper labeling of products made in the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. The [...]

Abusive System: Failures of Criminal Justice in Gaza

Human Rights Watch has released a report on the failures of the criminal justice system in Gaza under Hamas. It reveals a system of oppression, torture and flagrant flouting of human rights. To download report (.pdf): Abusive [...]

No justice for Rachel Corrie Army cleared of any wrongdoing

The Israeli Army has been cleared in the Rachel Corrie case by an Israeli Judge. On the 16th of March 2003, Rachel, a United States citizen, along with other members of the International Solidarity Movement, was protesting house [...]

Judge Arthur Chaskalson and other South African Jews condemn all violence in Gaza

Judge Arthur Chaskalson and others strongly condemn all the violence in Gaza. See there statement below, including support for the statement made by some 300 South African Jews on the issue. As South African Jews we [...]

Response by members of the South African Jewish community to a statement by the Jewish Board of Deputies, Zionist Federation and Chief Rabbi concerning Israels attack on Gaza

The Jewish Board of Deputies, Zionist Federation and Chief Rabbi have issued a statement titled South African Jewish Community on the Situation in Gaza. It claims that the South African Jewish Community firmly supports the decision [...]