Open Shuhada Street protest Ahavas false labelling!

Open Shuhada Street held a protest outside of Wellness Warehouse situated in Cavendish, Claremont.

The event was held to protest the sale of Ahava beauty products. Ahava is made in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the illegal Israeli settlements of Mitzpe Shalem and Kayla. These settlements are illegal under international law and pose a great obstacle to peace and stability in the region. This is due to the construction of roads that are for Israeli settler use only, walls that destroy homes, and violence between the IDF supported settlers and Palestinians.

Ahava is marked Made in Israel. This is false labeling as it is made in the Occupied West Bank and illegal under international and South African trade law.


Israels illegal settlements and their continued expansion

A short, but comprehensive video outlining the campaign of Israels illegal settlement expansion and how this completely undermines the idea of a Palestine State and systematically denies Palestinians their basic rights.


Bassem Tamimi and Nabi Saleh: Victims of the occupation

Bassem Tamimi is a political prisoner in the occupied West Bank. This video highlights the intimidation of the IDF as well as the illegal Administrative Detention policy of Israel.

Open Shuhada Street protest outside St Georges Cathedral

Open Shuhada Street demonstrate with friends from Khayelitsha, in front of St Georges Cathedral demanding the Israel reopen Shuhada Street and cease all human rights abuses as well as end the occupation.


IDF fire tear gas at protesters in the West Bank

Unarmed Palestinian protesters march on Israeli settlements in the West Bank that are protected by the Israeli defense force. They are forcibly removed through violent intimidation, rubber bullets, and tear gas.