BDS Human Rights — 30 August 2013
29 August 2013
Open Shuhada Street Statement on BDS South African chanting of shoot the Jew
Media reports about the BDS South Africa protest at Wits University against the Daniel Zamir concert on 28 August 2013 have reported that BDS protestors were chanting dubula e juda shoot the Jew.
This is completely unacceptable. We condemn this action by BDS and are deeply disappointed that they chose to sing this.
We strongly urge BDS South Africa to issue an urgent apology, specifically to the Jewish community for any offence or harm caused and also to all people struggling for equality, freedom and justice.
It goes against the human rights and anti-racism principles for which we stand and jeopardises the gains of the Palestinian solidarity movement.
Open Shuhada Street


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  1. It is so sad that we, as South Africans, have not learnt the lessons of our past. Those who accuse others of racisim, intolerance etc. are in fact the ones who are racist and intolerant and in this particuclar instance, very ignorant. The BDS SA movement is clearly a racist and violent movement that is not afraid to spout hate speech openly. Not only do they embarress true South Africans, but they deserve to be criminally charged for their behaviour whicvh goes against God and our constitution. I am not Jewish in case someone who reads this may think that I am bias. I am a Christian, gentile South African and I stand for the right of a Jewish Homeland to exist peacefully as a country known as Israel. Perhaps they would now also want to shoot me to..

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