BDS — 07 June 2013

This week, the German government, under the conservative Angela Merkel, came out in support for proper labelling of products made in the illegal Israeli settlements. This is significant as Germany once a staunch ally of Israel has quietly changed its tact regarding Israel.

Contrary to what many people will label this as, this move is not anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and it is not disrespectful towards the memory of those who were brutally murdered during the Holocaust. How does requiring that Israel respect international law and its legitimate borders equate to these?

The new emerging line amongst Occupation supporters is that pushing for labelling will hurt attempts to get Israel and the Palestinian governments to sit down at the negotiations table. However, contrary to this, the facts on the ground show that Israel, under its current leadership, has very little intention of negotiating at all.

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  1. Now is very insecure situation on the wrold. And probably most country change the tact.

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