Israel plans to build new settlement in Hebron

According to the Israeli movement, Peace Now, Israel is planning to build a second settlement at a house in Hebron, in the Israeli-Occupied West Bank. The Israeli High Court will soon deliver a judgement on whether [...]

Nobel Laureates Sign Petition to Stop Destruction of Villages in southern Hebron

A recent petition by Israeli author, David Grossman, has garnered support from other literary superstars such as JM Coetzee. The aim of the petition is to get the Israeli government to stop the Netanyahu government from [...]

Imprisoned by the settlements

The construction of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank affect peoples lives in the most profound of ways. This is the story of Hana Abi Hiakal, a 54-year-old widow who lives in Hebron in the [...]

May 2013 Newsletter is out!

Dear Friends, We heard two stories this week that we wanted to share with you. Israel has destroyed over 800 000 Palestinian olive trees in the West Bank since 1967; and the settlements are expanding at one [...]